Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lots of firsts in April!

April was such a busy month for Layla! She will be 4 months next week and just gets bigger and bigger everyday. This month she learned to roll over but the little stinker won't do it for Daddy! Mommy got to see it at Grandma and Grandpa Lucky's when I went to pick her up one day after work...Grandma Mudd was there too! But poor Daddy hasn't been able to see it. I can't wait until she does it for is such a proud moment!

Layla also had her first cold this month. Boo! She had to go to the doctor to be checked out but was just fine the next day (figures). She bounced back so quick that we were able to put her in her jumperoo! She's not jumping yet but loves to stand. Daddy has to give her a little boost with one of his chemistry books because her feet don't touch the floor yet.

One of her favorite things this month was having her first bites of cereal! She did pretty good with it but we have to be very quick with the bottle or she spits it all out. We make a HUGE mess when it is time to eat. Here's a picture of the little piglet:

Mommy also took her three month pictures in April. We think she is the cutest little girl in the whole wide world and she does so good in our little mini photo sessions.

And to top things off a video of some of Layla's favorite things to do during her 3rd month:

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