Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lots of firsts in April!

April was such a busy month for Layla! She will be 4 months next week and just gets bigger and bigger everyday. This month she learned to roll over but the little stinker won't do it for Daddy! Mommy got to see it at Grandma and Grandpa Lucky's when I went to pick her up one day after work...Grandma Mudd was there too! But poor Daddy hasn't been able to see it. I can't wait until she does it for is such a proud moment!

Layla also had her first cold this month. Boo! She had to go to the doctor to be checked out but was just fine the next day (figures). She bounced back so quick that we were able to put her in her jumperoo! She's not jumping yet but loves to stand. Daddy has to give her a little boost with one of his chemistry books because her feet don't touch the floor yet.

One of her favorite things this month was having her first bites of cereal! She did pretty good with it but we have to be very quick with the bottle or she spits it all out. We make a HUGE mess when it is time to eat. Here's a picture of the little piglet:

Mommy also took her three month pictures in April. We think she is the cutest little girl in the whole wide world and she does so good in our little mini photo sessions.

And to top things off a video of some of Layla's favorite things to do during her 3rd month:

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Layla turns 3 months

To kick off Layla's 3 month birthday and the end of my maternity leave we went to visit Aunt Ashley and Uncle Eric's house to play with them and Grayden for a day. We had so much fun visiting but as always, our favorite part about getting together was seeing the kids playing...well I guess seeing Grayden playing, Layla just mostly sat there.

Grayden pointing to Layla's nose

Grayden wanted to take his hot babe for a spin

Our family

Layla and Aunt Ashley

Grayden dancing to Single Ladies! He's going to kill us when he gets older.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Two weeks of Easter fun!

Holidays are always a busy time for us because we are lucky enough to have most of our family all in the same place! Easter was a two week event for are some pictures of Layla's first (first 4 that is) Easter!

Before the busy weekends Layla decided it would be a good time to get some TV time in. She needed to catch all her shows.

Grandma and Grandpa Mudd also decided they better come spend some time with Layla before the busy holiday weekends.

Okay now to the Easter festivities! Here we are at Grandma Barton's house. These are all her great grandkids and there are even more on the way!

Grandpa Barton is holding Layla in this picture with her very first Easter basket. we are. It isn't Easter without coloring eggs with the Underwoods! We get better and better every year!

Layla with Grandpa Underwood. It looks like she has a toupee in this picture. Grandpa's hair is real.

Layla spending some time with Grandpa Underwood and Great Grammy.

She loves Aunt Susie's necklace

Grandma Underwood playing with Layla and her new sheep.

Awww, Uncle Brock and Aunt Jessie.

Time for the Barton's! Here we are with Uncle Eric.

It was a little sunny while hunting eggs outside so Grandma gave me these!

The kids loved their taggies that Grandma Barton made!

Layla opening her Easter basket at the Barton's.

Layla's favorite cousin Grayden!

Now for Easter day...Grandma and Grandpa Mudd's! Here we go with a hunt for the eggs. Mommy had to help a bit this time.

Here first Easter basket from Mommy and Daddy.

In the Easter dress that Grandma Barton bought her. She was adorable!

Layla's favorite things right now include Sally Sunshine, milk, smiling aaaaand...Paw Paw! She loves when he sings like a chicken to her.

Layla had the best first Easter a little girl could ask for! Got to spend time with all her favorite people and have plenty of pictures and memories to share. We can't wait to see her run for those eggs on her own next year!