Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Welcome to our blog!

Ashley Workman (aka AshB1 haha) inspired me to create a family blog. I'll still use FaceBook but I think this is a much better way to post our favorite pictures and share our stories. I wanted to start by posting a few of our favorite pictures of Layla. Today is her 8 week birthday and we can't believe how much she has grown! It seems like every morning when we get up she has a new feature, stronger personality and a bigger smile.

At 8 weeks Layla can smile and squeak, tries to talk a little (mostly sounds like grunts), normally sleeps about 6 hours straight at night and LOVES her puppies Oscar and Moose. Her favorite toys are the animals on her bouncer...Mike the Monkey (he's Spanish), Elliot the Elephant (he's French) and George the Giraffe (he's just silly).

Layla also likes to stare at lights and her favorite picture is of the Eiffel Tower that we took in Paris which is her favorite vacation spot. We can't wait to take her there some day! Her smile is the best thing we've ever seen and we can't help but laugh every time she gives us that goofy grin!

We haven't been able to catch a really good one on camera...but here is a video of her from last week. This is my first attempt at IMovie so bare with me but I think it shows her true personality...the good, the bad and the stinky!!!

And here are some pictures I took today during play time. Oscar loves to make sure Layla does her tummy time even though she really hates it.

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  1. LOVE your blog, Ashb2!!! I love the video of sweet baby girl. She is getting so big. I miss her so much!! xoxo